October Writing Challenge: #30WriteNow

You’ve probably heard about the various 30-day writing challenges floating around the ‘net. These aren’t NaNoWriMo challenges, but like NaNoWriMo they get the creative juices flowing, help foster discipline and get you closer to your goal of a finished project.

I was delighted to read on Twitter this morning that @BasseyWorldLive is kicking off a #30WriteNow challenge for the month of October. I know what you’re going to say; but October has 31 days. ‘Tis true. Bassey says that 31st day is for eating candy and relaxing. But the point is to write something every day.

I haven’t done one of these yet, but following the writing adventures of my friend Yawatta Hosby on her blog, I’ve been inspired to take the plunge and do a 30-day writing challenge myself. Yawatta actually did a 90-day novel writing challenge…and that’s a major feat!

If you’re up for the challenge, why don’t you join me? Let’s spend the next 30 days writing every day, whether it’s for a new or current project, or if it’s just to get words on the page for the sake of release. Think about it. Spread the word. Write!

Somebody hold me accountable, will you?

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