You Tried It, Facebook…

This is why I just can’t with Facebook. (See Exhibit A below.) 

A few months ago, I put up a video with music (right before the Facebook Overlords put their new copyright rules into effect), they take down and block me from posting anything for 24 hours. 

Now I try to sell tickets that my husband legally purchased but now cannot use, and Facebook takes down the post. Their policy says nothing about event tickets being a prohibited item. But then again, the Facebook Overlords probably took one look at this picture and assumed I was trying to sell a pair of crack smoking, gun-toting raccoons. 

Instead of over-policing my posts, perhaps they should focus their energy on addressing real problems like the colossal failure otherwise known as Facebook Stories. And they need to stop mucking up Instagram while they’re at it. Scrolling through my timeline and seeing that every other post is an ad for obscure and/or useless stuff that is no interest, or an offensive political ad is so annoying. 
Get it together, Facebook.